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Crackdown 3, Anthem, and Reggie Peaces Out: Ep41


In this episode, Zach officially takes the helm as host of the show and leads the team in a different direction.

In our Industry Buzz section, the trio talks about Reggie Fils-Aime leaving Nintendo and what that means to both the company and the fanbase.

The Weekly Console-tation segment focuses on Crackdown 3, Anthem, Tetris 99 and other new releases.

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Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts III & Apex Legends: Episode 40


This week on That Pixel Life, the gang covers the launch of Apex Legends by talking about the surprise launch of the game, the currently quality of the gameplay and the overall success it has found in a 24-hour timespan. Will Apex Legends succeed or fizzle out? We give our opinions on Respawn’s battle royale Titanfall spin-off.

Also this week, we review Resident Evil 2. Guess which one of us is already claiming Game of the Year on this one? Also, Josh gives Kingdom Hearts III an honest shot, so find out if the latest game in the series was able to convert him into a fan. Zach gives his opinions on Celeste and Shannon lets us a bit about WarGroove as well.

Finally, we wrap it all up talking about some films such as The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and more.

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Full list of games we discussed this week:

  • Apex Legends
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • WarGroove
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Celeste
  • Anthem

Anthem Impressions & GameStop Declining: Mini Episode


Due to scheduling conflicts this week, we unfortunately had to postpone the release of Episode 40 to next week. We’re not a fan of doing this unless we absolutely have to, so to make it up to the community, Josh and Zach got together to have a little one on one discussion about a few topics we were planning on including in episode 40.

This week the duo discuss their impressions with Anthem and their thoughts going into the launch. Also, we discuss the recent decline of GameStop, Nintendo swapping dev teams for Metroid Prime 4 and Metro Exodus making a move to the Epic Games Store on PC.

Hopefully this mini episode will tide you all over until the REAL episode 40 drops next week. Thanks again for the patience and enjoy the show!

How Long Can Physical Games Hold On? Ep39


It’s a slow week as we’re all patiently waiting for Resident Evil 2 to drop, so the gang answers a question from a community member concerning GameStop and what will happen if the retailer dies alongside physical video games. We sit and discuss how long physical games can hold on before they’re extinct.

Our Industry Buzz section includes our thoughts on the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event from last week along with the announcement of a Power Rangers fighting game with cross-platform support. We also question what’s going on at IGN with all of these botched reviews lately.

In our Weekly Console-tation segment, Josh attempts to give the original Kingdom Hearts another shot and questions why a Spartan soldier must go on a quest to make Roman viagra. Robby explains how Epic Games continues to kill it with Fortnite.

Afterwards, we wrap it up by discussing the Oscar nominees for 2019, Zach’s thoughts on Into the Spiderverse and Josh reviews Netflix’s The Punisher Season 2.

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Bungie’s Big Breakup: Ep38


Robby is officially back this week so we give him the floor to speak on anything he missed from last year, including his game of the year and his thoughts on 2018 in gaming as a whole. Welcome back, Robby!

In our Industry Buzz section, we cover EA’s cancellation of Amy Henning’s Star Wars adventure game, the big breakup between Bungie and Activision, and Randy Pitchford’s recent hi-jinks. The group also give their thoughts on Kingdom Hearts III going into the launch of the game in two weeks.

Our Weekly Console-tation segment includes our thoughts on the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot demo, Zach’s full review of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Robby’s opinions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Shannon also gives us the rundown on the experience of dealing with a TV warranty at Best Buy.

Afterwards, we wrap everything up with a hilarious discussion on Shannon mixing up eagles with owls in Lord of the Rings. Zach ponders if Jurassic Park 3 is really that bad of a movie? Also, Josh and Robby give their horror experiences of home repairs after being new home owners.

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Predicting 2019 in Gaming: Episode 37


This week the gang peers into their crystal ball and attempts to predict the gaming industry in 2019. Which titles will release this year and which ones will be pushed back into 2020? Which games will be hits and which will be flops? How will the big three platforms perform this year? We attempt to figure all of this out right here.

In our Weekly Console-tation segment, Josh goes into detail about the Arcade 1Up cabinets that hit the market this holiday season. Are they a dream come true? Also, Shannon talks about the quirky strategy game Party Hard and joins Josh in discussing Beat Saber for PSVR.

We wrap it all up in our Week in Review segment where Josh gives you the scoop on the modding project he’s working on with the Arcade 1Up cabinet and Shannon talks about the hit new TV series The Masked Singer.

Interested in the Arcade 1Up modding project? Check out ETA Prime's tutorial video here:

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Year in Review 2018: Ep36


It’s a brand new year and we’re going to spend our first episode in 2019… talking about 2018. This is our year in review episode for 2018 and we spend almost three hours digging deep into gaming and the industry from last year.

First up, we jump into all of the biggest events that happened throughout 2018 in the industry we love. We discuss the publishers and developers who had the best year, the worst year, and who helped progress the industry into a positive and negative direction. Also, we discuss the hit in relevancy that games journalism hit in 2018 as well.

Second, we discuss the games of 2018 by sharing our personal top ten lists between the four core hosts. We also discuss what games surprised us in 2018, which games we hated the most and which developers made us stand up and take notice. Afterwards, we try to debate and agree upon our collective game of the year for That Pixel Life.

Finally, we wrap the show up with our personal New Year’s resolutions, our favorite music, films and books in 2018 and much more. Also, we make some pretty big announcements coming to That Pixel Life in 2019 too.

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Thanks you all for listening, Have a fantastic new year and enjoy the show!

That Christmas Episode 2018: Ep35


Happy Holidays everyone! This week is our first annual Christmas episode for 2018 and we’re getting super festive in this joint so grab that ugly Christmas sweater and cozy up by the fire with the TPL gang!

This week we welcome Jordan Daringer from 22 Donuts Gaming to the show to talk about our favorite Christmas memories surrounding gaming. Topics include our favorite gaming related memories, the best and worst games we’ve received, the games that always remind us of Christmas time and much more.

Our Week in Review segment is transformed into a full blown off-topic Christmas discussion about everything Holiday related. Are we on team real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Favorite Holiday snacks? What’s up with “Baby It’s Cold Outside?” Is Die Hard really a Christmas movie? We go full-blown festive for well over an hour.

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Special shout out to Chis Hayes for lending us some of his Christmas beats for this episode. Check him out on YouTube and on his website at the links below.

Chris Hayes Music Official Site

Chris Hayes Music on YouTube

Thanks you all for listening, Happy Holidays and enjoy the show!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hitman 2 & Fortnite Dance Drama: Ep34


We have another jam-packed episode for you this week where the crew covers a lot of late releases and industry rumblings.

Epic Games is in the news again so this week we discuss the lawsuits surrounding Fortnite’s dance emotes and give our opinion on whether or not Epic should compensate dance creators. Also, we tackle the touchy subject of the Epic Store competing with Steam by undercutting their percentages earned on game sales. We also talk about The Game Awards and the announcements made there.

Our weekly console-tation is spent discussing lots of games. We talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Josh’s problem with the unlocking system. Zach jumps through lots of new Game Pass releases including Ashen, Strange Brigade and Graveyard Keeper. Also, we discuss Hitman 2 and Shannon gives us his opinions on Pokemon Let’s Go since he finished the game this week.

We close the episode by talking about purging game backlogs, NFL dreams come true and traveling abroad.

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