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Episode 141 Power Wash This!

Hello Gang! This week the guys talk about Nintendo Amiibo grossness! With Skyward Sword getting a HD release on the Switch, is asking $25 more for an Amiibo figure that allows you to save and fast travel going too far? Also Is Overwatch 2 really feel like a new game? or should this just be a patch. In Games we've been playing Justin played "A Monsters Journey", Zach played "Power Washer Simulator" and all three hosts played Diablo 3 together! Have a great week and BE GREAT!

Episode 140 Star Wars kinda… Sucks?

This week the guys take on the heaviest of topics. Why dont we really car about Star Wars anymore? Also Target stops selling Pokemon cards because people are jerks. In what we've been playing Shannon Plays Mini Golf in VR and Justin and Zach talk Resident Evil the Village. Have a great week! Be Great!

Episode 139 The Village of the Rabid Pokemon

This week, the guys sit down to talk about Nintendo's game creator. Will Justing just put negative space out within this platform? In games we've been playing justing talks about RE8: The Village and Shannon sits down to eat his words as he talks about how awesome Pokemon Snap is. WARNING! We spoil the heck out of the first season of Invincible at the 1 hour mark. Finally in case you missed it Shannon's house phone makes an epic comeback this week!

Episode 138 Nobody Cares About Your Pokemon Snap Pics

This week The usual crew talks about Microsofts Games With Gold for the month of May. Can anything rival Viscous Attack Llama? Also XBox series X and PS5s set new records in sales. So why can we find any on the shelves!? In our weekly Consoltation Zach and Justin play Pokemon Snap and try to sell Shannon why this game is so awesome. In our VR world Shannon played Super Hot VR and Battle Sister. No spoiler casts this week because... well... Zach decided to play Titanfall 2 again. Have a great week guys!

TPL Bonus! Mortal Kombat Spoilercast!

Enjoy this special bonus episode! Zach, Shannon, and Justin battle it out over how good this movie really is! Also we have a special guest joining us for the discussion. A fan Favorite Mr. Robert Steltenpohl!!

Episode 137 its Just Meh…

This week The guys talk about Capcom releasing RE4 on Oculus! Will Shannon be playing this game? In games we have been playing Shannon played Good Job, Zach played Rain on Your Parade, and Justin played Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion? We spoil the heck out of Invincible and Falcon and the Winter Soldier at 49 minutes! Have a great week and GET OVER HERE!

Episode 136 Godzilla Vs.Diddy Kong

This week in news, Sony gives into the Twitter pressure and continues to support the PS3 and Vita store servers. Indie World Nintendo happened and Justin fills us in on what happened and why 9 year old games are still cool. Finally Shannon drops the bomb that Godzilla vs King Kong was not a good movie. We Skip the Control chat this week because Zach had some PS5 issues. We do however talk about The Forest, Subnautica...and Fez? We spoil the heck out of Falcon and Winter Soldier at 1 hr 16 min and 22 seconds. Other than that have a great week, hit us up in the discord and be great!

Episode 135 Double Dip!

This week our episode was so good we had to record it twice! Well, I mean there was something horribly wrong with the first recording and it was eaten by internet demons. There is no news this week so we can get an episode out to you. Worry not! There is still a lot of meat on this bone. We take our first swipe at Control. We made it to "the hotline" so be ready for game chat and some spoilers. We start talking about that at 36 Min in. Then we go into what we've been playing followed up by Falcon and Winter Soldier spoilers at 50 min! Have a great week guys and thanks for sticking with us!

Episode 134 Peeps and Poops

Thank you for hanging in there as we recorded a little late this week. Easter washed over us in a chocolate covered fury. Some of us spent the following day on the toilet. Others took their dog to the vet. Once we settle in the gang talks about Xbox adding MLB the show 21 to Gamepass, Sony's PS Plus games and the  new Loki trailer. 

It was aApple Arcade heavy week for Shannon and Zach. Threes, Wonderbox and Clap hands Golf will be talked about.

We go into Spoiler talk on Falcon and Winter Soldier at the one hour mark.

Thank you for being patient and have a great week!

Episode 133 Sweating to K-pop

On the show this week we talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer, Microsoft's Indi Showcase and more games getting delayed because of COVID! In games we have been playing Zach is still pretty deep into Miles Morales, Shannon played Monster Hunter Rise and Justin gets physical with Ring Fit Adventure.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoilers are rampant at the 1 Hour and 3 minute mark. 

Also, in an effort to provide a more robust experience we will be adding our Game of the Month segment. We choose a game to play and take a month long dive into all the things we may love or hate about it! 

Finally, we are looking to change things up a bit. If you have someone who may want to create a new logo for us, hit us up on the Discord group. 

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