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Episode 55 E3 Prediction Time!

This week the gang throws out their predictions for E3. Will Bowser run rampant? Will Andrew W.K. Party Harder than he did last year? Will Robby get all the points again with his vague predictions? Who knows! You may hear a familiar voice, a blast from the past as Mr. Josh Faulkner returns to lend us a hand!

Episode 54 Waffles and Ones

It's raining video game news! We talk E3 news this week, COD Modern Warfare and Death Stranding. Robby talks about a new Epic game called Dauntless and fills us in on all the movies he has seen. 

Episode 53- Welcome Justin from Inside Out Games

This week a very special guest. Justin Carter from Inside Out Games LLC., talks to us about his latest project, "Negative Space." We talk E3 hype and rumors. Sony and Microsoft finally playing nice? SteamWorld Quest is beaten and put to bed. Zach gives us his impressions of Rage 2 and finally, we geek out over some Netflix shows and Detective Pikachu again!

Episode 52 Detective Pikachu, Netflix at E3? and Rage 2

This week babies had meltdowns and our internet connections tested the very limits of our patience. However, we prevailed in getting an episode out this week. Huzzah! WARNING!!! at 38 min we spoil the heck out of Detective Pikachu. Please if you haven't seen the movie fast forward to 52 min and 15 seconds. Also forgive some of the edits, Shannon did his best to work around the chaos. Have a good week and Be Great! 

Episode 51 - Riot walkout, Sony “State of Play”, Devil May Cry 5, Die Hard movie ranking

Yippee Ki-Yay! (I actually had to look that up) This week we rank teh Die Hard movie series. We talk about the atmosphere that lead to the employee walkout at Riot games. Robby and Shannon pray for a FFVII announcement at Sony's "State of Play." And Shannon talks about Devil May Cary 5.

Episode 50! That Sonic trailer, SteamWorld Quest, Dragons Dogma for the Switch, listener questions, Avengers spolier talk

This week the gang talks about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer, Zach and Shannon gush about SteamWorld Quest and we answer some listener questions! Seriously though who pours milk first then the cereal...

Spoilers ahead!!! at the 1 hr mark we will talk about the sweet sweet Avengers: Endgame movie. Have a great week! As Robby would say "Be Great!"

EP 49 Upcoming Releases, Fortnite Avengers update, MK 11, A New Batman Game?

This week we talk some sports, our next movie series we will be ranking and the releases we are excited about over the next couple months. We take a stroll back in time and talk God of War and Titan Fall 2 and Robby fills us in on  Mortal Kombat 11 and the Avengers update in Fortnite.

Episode 48 MCU the final 7, PS5 news, Xbox SAD and Disney +

Finally we get to the top 7 MCU films! We also talk about Disney Plus,  PS5 news, the all digital XBox one and whats left for E3. 

The Latest Star Wars news, Photographs and MCU Rankings Continued!

This week we get excited about the new Star Wars news, the Playstation Retro getting a new price, and a Sekiro easy mode? Zach gives us his impressions on a game called Photographs and we rank the next set of MCU films. How does your list compare? 

Episode 46 MCU list begins oh and video games

This week we begin battling it out to create TPL's ranking of the MCU movies. Robby has a love, hate relationship with Sekiro. Shannon Talks Elder Scrolls Blades and Zach drops some news about Sony revoking digital codes from retailers, Anthem's continuing woes and Borderlands 3!