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Episode 112 Shannon ” Chew a little” Moore

This week the gang talks about the new UI for the Playstation 5. Also we take a break to talk about Shannon gnawing on his finger. The Marvel movie list gets an update and we haven't played much so here is some more Mario Sunshine that Justins been playing...

Episode 111 Zach Doesn’t Count

This week the Gang begins talking about what will be on their game of the yer lists. What have they played, what still needs to be sampled before the judging begins? Stick around and find out!

Episode 110 Does Size Matter? Asking for a Friend

This week in video game news the gang talks about the size of the PS5 and wonder if size really does matter. Also we talk about our game night with Among Us and our love of all things Hades. Also this week we tackle more of the MCU hierarchy. Buckle up, there is a lot of meat on this bone!

Episode 109 X-Doh!

This week the guys talk about the X-box release woes and gets back into the Marvel Rankings! Also we talk a little Fall Guys, Hades and whatever the heck Justin is playing. Probably some crappy Mario rom...

Episode 108 Finally Sony gives us the Deets!

This week we go deep into the Sony Presser. What did we think? What games really stood out and most importantly what did we think of the price! Also why does Justin like Mario Sunshine so much? Shannon thinks that game is just the worst.

Episode 107 Micro-soft? Not this time…

This week there is so much news the guys decided to put the Marvel rankings on hold to talk about Microsoft and their Xbox series S. Will this console compete with Sony? Is there still a console war? Does Microsoft even care? These questions will all be answered. Also What does Sony price their new console at now that Microsoft has set the bar. Dont forget Nintendo did some things since the last time we recorded! Its a juicy episode of hot takes and according to Zach and Justin, Shannon's  Shi**y ones.

Episode 106.5 Bonus level!

This week California is burning down around 2/3 of the hosts. Luckily we were able to get some bonus material recorded. Robby, Justin and Zach go into spoilers for Umbrella Academy season ! Also we start our ranking for all the Marvel movies! If you're looking for a long episode man this is the one for you! Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Episode 106 Who Watches the Watchmen? Not Shannon

This week Shannon takes a back seat so that Robby can jump in and lend his savant style expertise to the DC movie tier debate. Gamescom happened, what did the guys think of the two hour long conference? Games will be talked about and I am sure and there will be some major shenanigans. Hope your butt is ready cause I think this is one of the longest episodes to date. If you're working out while listening to this please take a break to hydrate in the middle. 

Episode 105 NBA Jam Has Nothing on This Fire

This week the gang talks about the DC Fanfest that happened this wee, Has DC finally gotten it together? or did things just fall apart. Also this week we begin putting all the DC movies in the place among our ranking system. From "God Tier" to "Awful" we start wading through the mess to put things in perspective. Also this week Shannon and Zach talk about "Spiritfarer", Justin breaks down Nintendo's Indie presentation and talks about "Takeshi and Hiroshi". Have a great week everyone!

Episode 104 So Hot Shannon Forgot His Shirt

This week the Gang talks about Apple and Rare fighting it out over V-bucks. Zach and Justin gush over Season two of the Umbrella Academy. We get excited for The Boys season two as well! Shannon leaves half way through to put his son to bed. Then Zach and Justin talk about what they're playing and things get weird. I'm just kidding I wasn't there. Stay cool and safe everyone! 

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