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Episode 103 State of Lame, am I right?

This week The gang talk about Playstation's State of Play. What games got us excited? Also we talk about Fall Guys, Paper Mario, Picross and Carrion. In other news we get sidetracked by "Umbrella Academy" season 2 as well as the new season of "The Boys". Have a great week!

Episode 102 So Stephen King walks into Tony Hawk’s PS2

This week the Gang talks about that THPS2 soundtrack and talks about the last CD they ever bought. We also ponder what Stephen King movies are the best. Also this week Lego sets its sights on the video game market, but did it set the price too high? Paper Mario is still running strong through our group and Zach talks about Carrion!

Episode 101Microsoft did a thing

This week Shannon misses talking with the guys about the Microsoft event. Good news is Robby jumps in to save the day! Also the gang takes its usual detours through other interesting topics. Listen in guys!

Episode 100… Just keeping it real

This week the Gang celebrates a huge milestone. 100 Episodes! That being said it isnt a TPL episode without Shannon getting a phonecall half way through and Zach's threenager screaming in the background. Guess what? in an effort to show you what it sounds like before I edit it we left it all in! Enjoy! This episode we take a look back at how it all began, we answer questions and talk a little about Paper Mario! Thanks for hanging in there with us for 100 episodes and we look forward to 100 more with you guys! 

Episode 99 Just one More Bottle of Beer

This week the guys talk about Ubisofts Forward event and Nintendo's treehouse event. In games we talk about Magic the Gathering Arena and other games we are looking forward to playing in the upcoming weeks because man we need them. Thanks for listening!

Episode 98 We’re Off the Rails!

This week we talk about the latest drama in the gaming industry, Marvel acquiring the rights to the Alien and Predator franchises and so much more! Now that Zach has a gaming PC he has been downloading some random ass games. The gang gets fired up for some Magic the Gathering card battles and Shannon trashes Pokemon Cafe.

Episode 97 Two Dads and a Man baby

This week the group talks about Pokemon Cafe, Pokemon Snap, and some Castlevania game Shannon butchers. What is Microsofts plan now that Mixer isn't something they have to worry about. Has anyone heard of Facebook Gaming? Is the swimming update in Animal Crossing New Horizons enough to keep the game fresh for its players?We ask the tough questions. In other news Burnout Paradise Remastered is still a really good game, Shannon is having a hard time with Xenoblade, and what is Justins cheap game of the week? Find out on this weeks episode! 

Episode 96 PS5 all up in your face

This week Robby joins the crew again to talk about the PS5 presentation. We take some time to go through every game that was shown and give our impressions. What games we thought were system sellers, some that missed the mark, and of course what the console looks like. Buckle in peeps this is a meaty episode!

Episode 95 Listen

With the events that have been occurring over the past week the guys wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the current state of affairs in the world. We see the hurt, anger, fear and pain.We see how it has affected people close to us. While we love making everyone laugh and smile we had some things we wanted to talk about and welcome our listeners to message us if you would like to create a dialogue or release some feelings in a safe space. We love you and we are here for you.


Topics this week in the show include the Diablo 4 gameplay video and Konami dropping Skelatack out of nowhere. In games we've been playing Zach gets back in the Fallen order, Shannon talks Xenoblade Chronicles and Justin plays some puzzle game where you take peoples clothes off.


Episode 94 When Justin steps away….

This week the group welcomes Mr. Mike Miller to the show! We talk about the Playstation 5 event and the games we hope to see, even though now its been postponed. Justin fills us in on an Indie game event and builds hype for games that might not be on your radar yet. In games we have been playing Mike talks about the Animal Crossing additions for the month, Zach and Shannon talk about Minecraft Dungeons and Justin starts Ni No Kuni. As usual we watched some stuff this week and that took us on some random ass trip down memory lane. Join us!

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