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66! The Boys are Back in Town

Like three ships passing in the night,, without a lighthouse... the guys finally collide for a full show! This week we talk about the Joker movie, Cat Quest 2, What the Golf, Card of Darkness, Gears 5 and Control. Oh yeah, we also talk more about the Avengers game Crystal Dynamics is working on.

65 Gears 5 Control Apple Arcade

This week Shannon is out. Zach and Robby talk Control, Apple Arcade and Gears 5. Also a bunch of shows! Yeah I wasn't there and I haven't listened yet, chill out. For all we know they could be talking about Narwhals or something... wouldn't that be fun... Does anyone read this? 

Episode 64 Dude Where’s My Mountain Dew

This episode Zach and Shannon talk about the mysterious Mountain Dew flavor. Chat about the one thing everyone has in common, stopping the Princess Bride remake. In video games we talk GOTY 2019 Ori and the Blind Forest, getting released on the switch. Shannon's horrible taste in picking Zelda games, Gears 5 and Borderlands 3! Also how Alexa, a talking two year old and Baby Shark can bring a grown man to his knees.

EpIsOdE sixty…uh Justin what number is it? 63?

This week Zach and Shannon talk about games they've been playing!Do you want to hear what Mr. Grumpy Pants has to say about Gears 5? Over in Switch Land Shannon dove into River City Girls (Gross) and Astral Chain. In News Zach talks about why the Super Nintendo bundle is a pile of hot garbage. Can anyone guess Mountain Dew's new Mystery Flavor?

Episdode 66 A Quickie

This week life came at us with a vengeance! Robby and Shannon talk some shop. CD Projekt Red becoming a two game company, Gearbox woes continue, and Smash Brothers get some new DLC. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we gear up to have the crew back next week!

Episode 61 Are we good now Justin!?

This week Zach returns to save Shannon from hosting! We talk about all the games we're looking forward to for the rest of the year and our wallets openly weep in our pockets! Finally, back by popular demand Cars Talk 2.0! Have an awesome week listeners!

Episode 60 When Zach’s away…

This week Zach adults. Shannon and Robby talk about some games their playing, and movies they've watched. Shannon wants some answers in the Cars universe. Can our resident Pixar Guru answer them? Can our loyal listeners? Hopefully Zach will be back next week to save Shannon from having to host one more time. Please come back soon Zach...

Episode 59 again!

well the original cut me off so I put together a new edit to see if this fixes things.

Episode 59 Know When to Hold Em’, Know when to Fold Em’

This week Robby was busy with a flop on a river that had something to do with a straight flush. So Zach and Shannon go on another tangent about dad life. Also We talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Fire Emblem 3 Houses.

Episode 58ish? Switch Lite? Listeners 10 out of 10s

This week Robby is out again! To fill this hole in our hearts we pick out some awesome games the listeners were kind enough to remind us needed to be added to the perfect games list. We also talk about Nintendos new Switch Lite. Enjoy the episode, leave an Itunes review and as Robby would say " Be Great". Damn I miss that man.