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EP 79 I swear we talk about video games sometimes

This week Robby is back! This week we get caught up with our wholesome dude. What games has he been playing, What books has he been reading and what movies has he seen? Has Zach finally reached the age where sitting on a bench yelling at kids to get off his lawn is a reality? Listen in, enjoy the show and leave us a review with your favorite cereal!

Episode 78 Super Bowl Blues

Wow, do we have a show for you! lets talk cereal! We talk about Disney Plus and their lineup for the next year. Is Sony getting some cold feet about releasing information about the anticipated Playstation 5? Shannon was sick as a dog last week so he played some games! Zach played more Subnautica. Have a great week!

EP 77 Delays, delays and a PS5

This week Zach and Shannon talk about the delays to the FFVII remake, CyberPunk and the Avengers. Are the rumors true about the PS5? Also in what we've been playing Shannon freaks out playing Hellblade and gets flack for buying Dragon Ball:Kakarot. Zach floats around a water based world in his dingy for 14 hours in Subnautica. Sorry for the delay! I'm sick and enjoy my sleep.

Episode 76 GOTY 2019!

This week we welcome Jordan Daringer-High  A.K.A. the Trophy Hunter to the show to help us talk Game of the Year! Things get heated and friendships are tested... who am I kidding Robby doesn't like me.  Enjoy the show! There is a lot of meat on this bone so settle in. Also Im sick as all hell so I didn't edit out much... 

EP 75 Hindsight is 2020

This week Zach and Shannon talk about how they brought in the New Year, games that are late contenders for our GOTY picks, and why he last Star Movie was really not good. Thank god Baby Yoda came to the rescue! Hope everyone had a happy holiday season. In 2020 help us grow! spread the word like the mold on that pizza you forgot to throw out, from that raging party you had a month ago.

Episode 74 See you next Decade

This week the gang remembers the last 10 years in gaming. What did they think the biggest innovation was? Best Music? Best Story? How about the best game in the last 10 years? Also Robby goes to DisneyWorld and builds a Lightsaber. 

EP73 Zach Attack!

This week Zach returns, and like a true superstar in the WWE runs out into the ring and drops TPL bombs on Shannon and Robby. Hear what Zach has to say about the Video Game Awards news. Listen to Robby and Zach make fun of Shannon's love of quality JRPGs, and guilt hi into adding another game to his growing queue of video games. One of us actually got to see the Star Wars this weekend so hear what the biggest dork... I mean fan of the series has to say! Ha Robby look what happens when you dont do the editing for the show!

Episode 72 Death Stranded me

Robby and Shannon talk Death Stranding. Why did Sony market this game so poorly? Also Star Wars hype! Shannon hates emo Kylo and questions who Baby Yoda's real father is. Also The Video Game Awards happened...yay? So sit down as we talk about the news that came from the show!


Similar to Stadia, the podcast that has 1.5% of the market talks about our upcoming GOTY lists, the Stadia launch. We also go over our holiday recap and our Black Friday purchases. Hope everyone had a great week. Be great! Jordan I'm sorry, you are the real Pokemon MVP. Justin got all your credit by accident this episode.

EP 70 Is there such a thing as too much Star Wars?

This week the boys decide to start a Mandalorian weekly episode break down. Prepare for spoilers. Also Robby and Zach cover Fallen Order and Shannon takes a nap. Valve releases details on a new game, Half-Life: Alyx and we wonder why its only in VR. We also mention some great Black Friday deals. Happy Thanksgiving Gamer Folk. It's almost time for game of the year!