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Episode 159 I Downed Me a Squirtle

September 21, 2021

This week in the news our boys talk about Battlefield 2042 getting delayed a couple weeks. Should we be worried that there will be more delays for AAA titles coming? Im looking at you Halo. Also the Twisted Metal franchise has been blessed (or cursed) by Sony to be turned into a TV series. Maybe someone will drive a flaming dumpster to symbolize how we think thats going to turn out. Finally, since we are going into the home stretch of 2021 we thought we would talk about early contenders for our GOTY discussion. Do your favorites make our list?

In Games we have been playing Zach and Justin talk about Skate Bird, and Shannon talks about Deaths Door and Tales Arise.

SPOILER ALERT! at 1 hr 15 min we go into What If...? and Ted Lasso spoilers! Have a great week people!